New Non Slip Mat NO SUCTION CUPS for Refinished Reglazed Shower CLEAR 24" x 24"

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Product Overview

 CLEAR Non-slip No Suction Cups Shower Mat
by European Coatings.
Protect your beautifully finished shower floor with European Coatings' specially designed non-skid shower mats. Made from textured rubber that guarantees sure footing, these shower mats provide maximum nonslip safety without suction cups that can damage your shower's finished surface. These  nonslip rubber bath mats are the only ones on the market that are designated safe for your refinished and re-glazed shower surface. These shower mats are made to last with the most durable premium rubber, and they’re machine washable for your convenience. Order today to make your shower safer and protect its surface for years to come.
SIZE: 24"x 24"
Machine wash gentle with other rags or towels.
Hang dry.
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(No reviews yet) Write a Review